September 21, 2012

Big Brother 7 - Meet the Contestants - Part Three

Continuing the introduction of the housemates entering the seventh series of reality Tv show Big Brother, here are four of the seven men prepared to miss this summer's World Cup to try and last 13 weeks in the Uk's most intense goldfish bowl environment.

Pete Bennett

Age: 24. From: London. Occupation: Unemployed.

Pete is a budding rock 'n' roll singer and cartoonist now living in Brighton. He was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome at the age of 14, started wearing women's clothes aged 16 and impersonated Freddie Mercury at his mother's wedding. When asked why he wanted to partake on Big Brother he replied: "to reach the top of my spiral to heaven and shine again. Also, if I was to win the money I would like to pay off my mum's mortgage so she can finally live her life because she looked after me for so long. And I crave fame and would like to be a paramount Touretter". Pete lives alone except for a pet hamster called Magic, who roams freely around his house and lives in the wall.

Shabaz Chaudry

Age: 37. From: Glasgow. Occupation: Unemployed.

Shabaz is singular and has been "unemployable" for the last 21 years, although has done a lot of voluntary care work since he was 16, helping the disabled and population with special needs in his local community. He admits that he has never been in love and has never had a boyfriend as he thinks men are afraid of his flamboyant personality. When asked why he wanted to be on Big Brother he replied: "because I've never had the flatmate or housemate feel as I've lived by myself for nearly 21 years and I want to challenge myself". He claims he has a phobia of straight-acting homophobic homosexuals and would like to be reincarnated as a woman so that he can have children.

Richard Newman

Age: 33. From: Canada. Occupation: Waiter.

Richard is single, lives in London and describes himself as a "sexual, passionate and hostile man hunter". He loves going out all night in Soho and production conquests, but equally enjoys dinner parties and the theatre. When asked why he wanted to go on Big Brother, he replied simply: "just for the money". He says the person he would least like to find in the house is a woman who is eight months pregnant. He has a strong fear of them and even fears being interviewed by Davina McCall when he leaves the house. Sexism, racism and men who turn down his advances make him angry and if he could pass any law it would be that all right men must have a homosexual encounter.

Glyn Wise

Age:18. From: Blaenau Ffestiniog. Occupation: Part-time lifeguard / Head boy in 6th Form.

Glyn is the youngest member of the Big Brother house and is finding send to receiving nationwide attentiveness and being able to show off his "sexy body to millions".

He is fiercely proud of his Welsh inheritance and feels that all Welsh population should speak the language. Glyn aspires to be the first male Page 3 model and is article with his life and body he would like to be reincarnated as himself, declaring: "I am the closest example to perfection". However, he doesn't get on well with members of the animal kingdom, claiming: "I hate all animals and they hate me".

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